JVR Series(0.5kVA~10kVA) Servo Motor AVR
QVR-101 Series AVR

Type: Relay AVR, CBU control, offering more pricise output

Model: QVR-101 series

Material: ABS+ Metal 

Technology: Zero Cross

Effciency: >95%

Protection: Over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit, overload and surge

Special Features: 

*Strong metal cabinet

*Smart Voltage regulating 

*High precision

*High quality and efficieny toroidal transformaer

*Optional protection


Model No.500VA1000VA1500VA2000VA3000VA5000VA
N.W.2.6 KGS3.3KGS4.2KGS5.1KGS8.5KGS11KGS
Machine SizeW120 x H150 x D222 mm

W140 x H175 x D250 mm

W215 x H268 x D307 mm
Inner Box SizeL265 x W125 x H185 mmL305 x W165 x D220 mmL350 x W260 x H310 mm
Carton SizeL515 x W275 x H185 mmL345 x W318 x D444 mmL545 x W362 x H330 mm
TechnologyZero cross transfer technology
TransformerToroidal transformer
CertificationCE, CB, SON, SASO
Front PanelPlastic
Input Voltage & Output Voltage
Option A230V: Input 140-275V, Output 230V-13%/+10%(198-253V); or
220V: Input 140-260V, Output 220V±8%(202-238V)
Option B230V: Input 100-280V, Output 230V-13%/+10%(198-253V); or
220V: Input 100-280V, Output 220V±10%(198-242V)
Option C
230V: Input 80-280V, Output 230V±10%(207-253V); or
220V: Input 80-280V, Output 220V±10%(198-242V)
Option D220V: Input 50-250V, Output 220V±13%(193-248V), only available for1000VA
Option E120V: Input 80-140V. Output 100-132V
Input Frequency45-65 Hz
Display & Indication
Input VoltageDigital
Output VoltageDigital
Green LEDPower on
Yellow LEDDelaying(Output is being suppressed)


Protecting(Output is cut off)
Over VoltageOutput cutoff + red LED +"H" shown in digital display
Under VoltageOutput cutoff + red LED + "L" shown in digital display
Coil Over TemperatureOutput cutoff + red LED + "C" shown in digital display
Short CircuitCircuit breaker trip off
Overload(Optional)Output cutoff + red LED + "F"shown in digital display
Surge(Optional)1 x MOV(L-N) or 3 x MOV(L-N, L-E, N-E)
Delay Time6s / 180s Selectable
Optional Peripheral
USB Charging Port
5VDC, 1000mA
Smart Cooling FanStandard for 8000VA-10000VA, optional for 2000VA-5000VA
110V OutputAvailable for 500VA-5000VA
Manual Bypass SwitchOnly available for 3000VA-10000VA
ColorWhite, Black, Grey, Red, Silver, Blue
Storage Temperature-15℃-45℃
Operating Humidity10%-90%, Non-condensing


*Refrigeration appliance: refrigerator

*Cleaning appliance: washing machine, drying machine, vacuum cleaner

*Kichen Appliances: oven, coffee marker, rice cooker, blender, food processor, e;ectric kettle

*Audio-visual equipment: TV, Sound equipment, Radio, Camera

*Heating Equipment: heater, electric blanket

*IT and office equipment: computer, fax machine, projector, printer 

*Beauty appliances: shaver,  hair dryer, electric massager, etc...